• Bahamas by FRANK

    From DC to NY to arrival at the Comfort Suites in Nassau Bahamas!

    I figured out why people on this island are so relaxed and chill… It is the bright colors… We need to start painting our buildings pink and yellow in the States, it may help us de-stress… Anyways, these are pictures from downtown Nassau. One of the pictures is from the Atlantis hotel in Bahamas.

    Our day on the island of Bahamas… First of all, they must use some kind of blue bleaching agent on the ocean water because I have never seen the ocean that blue before till I came here. Secondly, Atlantis is the Grand Puba of hotels on this island, if you don’t visit Atlantis while here, you are truly missing out. Thirdly, the pastel colors! They are really something else as they adorn downtown Nassau. This island seems to cherish and welcome its colonial past unlike others like Jamaica, which I find interesting.

    This unassuming building is the site of one of the best meals you will ever have in Bahamas and anywhere else for that matter. Cafe Matisse is a gastronomical journey that you will never want to end. The food is excellently prepared with bold freshness and a panache of Island spice. Amazing!!!!

    Time for out Bahamian Food Tour!

    About to get it in on this good Bahamian food. Today was all about eating like a local.

    Our day in Bahamas. Hanging out at the Graycliff Hotel which is an incredible gem in Bahamas… Their decor is crazy. Check out their pool. Then we went to the Bahamas Greek festival to check out the Greek influence on this island. Who knew Greece had a connection to Bahamas?

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